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About Us
We're a proactive agency specialising in typographic and graphic design for print, print management/production control and commercial photography based in North London.

We specialise in working with SMEs, NGOs, charities and community groups, although we also have extensive experience of working with large blue chip clients and national/international organisations.

If you're looking for a company that is capable of thinking outside of the box, then whatever your creative project is, we deliver, always, to deadline, on target and within your budget.

Print Design
We have over 28 years experience and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the entire design and print production process from start to finish. Our knowledge extends to cover every kind of project from straight forward business cards and flyers to complex corporate identity and branding schemes.

You can find a portfolio showing some examples of our design work here:

Some of our previous clients include: The Daily Telegraph, Unison, Larousse Kingfisher Publishing, the MS Society, National Childbirth Trust, London Civic Forum, Wish, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust, Watford Borough Council, Clays Lane Housing Co-operative, Housing 21, Panoptic Sport and Purple Sofa Publications.

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We're also skilled in digital photography and capable of producing high quality images for reproduction in both printed and web based media. We've produced images for a wide variety of clients, and we're familiar with both studio and location work.

You can find a general portfolio slideshow with some examples of our work here:

As well as supplying content directly to news, magazine, web and PR clients, we file our images with content agencies. Below are links to where these are on the web:

Alamy News

Some of our previous commercial clients include: the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, GolinHarris, Southeastern, Crisis and Le Cordon Bleu.

Our images have also been used in various newspapers and magazines, including: The Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Morning Star, Disability Now, Maclean's Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Popular Mechanics.

A small selection of tear sheets from our published work can be viewed here.

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Social Responsibility and Ethics
As a company, Creative19 believes that operating in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way is an essential part of being a good business. In all areas of our daily business practices and activities, we strive to find a balance between meeting the needs of the present, whilst also leaving the world in a healthy shape as part of our duty of care towards future generations.

An example of how we put these principles into action can be seen in the fact that we bank exclusively with the Co-operative Bank. Their ethical charter means that our money (and any money held by us) is always invested and used in an sustainable way.

Another example can be seen in that we aim to donate 7.5% of our annual profits to charity. At the moment we do this by giving money to the microfinance organisation, Kiva.

Our donated money been loaned and repaid 51 times to people in 23 different developing world countries and continues to empower those with less wealth to create a better life for themselves, their families and their communities. You can find more information on our Kiva team page.

If you'd like to download our policy documents for a closer look they can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Ethical Business Policy
Environment & Recycling Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy

Accreditation and Certification
In 2010 we achieved Carbon Smart certification. Being Carbon Smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing our carbon footprint. Carbon Smart status certifies the practical actions we have taken to actively reduce our environmental impact and clearly demonstrates our commitment to our customers, staff and suppliers. You can find more information on Carbon Smart on their website.

We were also certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) in 2010 in recognition of our promotion of the use of environmentally sustainable paper. You can find more information on PEFC on their website.

In terms of other accreditation, at the moment we are enthusiastically working toward ISO14001 and ISO9001. All of our supply partners are either certified to these environmental and quality standards or are similarly working towards achieving them.

We're proud members of the Federation of Small Businesses.

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